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About Optimum Performance Physical Therapy

My name is Cory Parker, and I the owner of Optimum Performance Physical Therapy. I founded this practice to provide quality 1 on 1 care to all of my clients. I offer a variety of services to meet your personal needs.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my goal is to help restore your mobility, and keep you moving healthily and pain free. 

I believe that there is no one specific stretch or exercise that is ideal for healing an injury, or optimizing long term health. Instead it is the right combination of exercises and interventions which provide the most effective treatment possible. I provide a thorough full body examination with all clients in order to understand your limitations, and create the right plan to help you progress to your full potential.

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Optimum Performance Sports and Physical Therapy

737 Windy Point Dr Suite H
San Marcos CA, 92069


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