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More About Optimum Performance Physical Therapy

More About Me

My name is Cory Parker; owner and operator of Optimum Performance Physical Therapy. As a lifelong athlete, I understand the challenge of balancing maximal athletic performance and moving pain-free. This is especially true when there is the added obstacle of working around an injury.

I have played competitive and recreational sports from a young age, ice hockey being my lifelong passion. I have always been active in the gym as well, but found Crossfit after college and now have almost a decade of experience as a coach and athlete. I balance these higher intensity workouts with things such as yoga, hiking, and meditation.

This long-standing interest in physical activity and improving the strength and capability of the human body is what has led me to physical therapy.  I graduated from the University of St Augustine in December 2018 as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Following my passion for sharing knowledge with others, I have continued to remain active at the university as a lab instructor in Movement Science courses.

I believe that a combination of hands-on therapeutic techniques, combined with the right types of physical exercise, can unlock restrictions in the body to build proper long-term movement patterns for optimal health. I use my diverse background in high-intensity sports training, low-intensity restorative activities, and the science of healing to help create the right individualized treatment plan to help you recover and reach your maximum level of desired performance and function.

I look forward to working with you!

-Cory Parker

More About Optimum Performance Physical Therapy

Optimum Performance Physical Therapy operates as a cash-based physical therapy and sports performance practice. Due to the nature of the current healthcare system, operating as an in-network service provider creates limitations preventing optimal care for you as the client/patient. I ensure that all treatment time is one on one with me to provide the best care possible. The process starts with a thorough full-body evaluation. I take the time to listen to your story. Whether you just sprained your ankle last week or have had back pain for 20 years I want to understand why you are coming to see me. I also want to know your individual health and fitness goals. A movement analysis will be done to see how well your body moves actively and what restrictions you have. Muscle, connective tissue, and joint mobility will all be tested individually for restrictions as well. After this comprehensive exam, we will discuss the findings and together we create a plan to help you achieve your goals. You will be provided with a home exercise program to reinforce the work done in our treatment sessions to ensure continued progress.

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