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Getting Over the Hump

If we are being totally honest, everybody has a hump. Some hurdle or obstacle keeping them from accomplishing a goal.

As a fitness/wellness professional my goal is to help individuals identify, and get over whatever that obstacle is that is holding that individual back, and accomplish that goal.

The ironic part is that as good as I am at helping others to do do this, I often struggle with identifying these issues within myself and my own situations. To address this I took some time and sit and ponder my current situation, and create a plan of action.

When attempting to focus and identify what my hump is, I realized that was just it.

My focus.

With this being one hell of a crazy year for countless reasons, I know I feel that I just got thrown around in a tornado, and did my best to keep things from falling apart in the midst.

The good part of the story is that I have not allowed thing to fall apart. In fact things are going quite well. But I know I have like I've been stuck on a plateau for a while. When on a plateau you need to change something in order to adapt and move forward, For me that change is to narrow my focus. That is why I am committing to posting in this blog every Wednesday for the rest of the year.

As far as the blog goes expect to see a lot about golf, weightlifting, and general health and wellness information. Currently, I would expect a lot on golf.

Golf has always been something fun to do for me. Since things changed last year and I found myself with more time to play, I have developed a real passion for sport. If there is any sport that is truly just as mental, if not more mental then physical, it is most definitely golf.

In my most recent outings I have noticed a very strong correlation in my play to where I have been at mentally that day as I went from playing the best round I have ever played to one of the worst that I have ever played in the matter of a week.

I have enjoyed the challenges that come with attempting to master the game (and I am nowhere close to mastering the game....yet). The beauty is that, similar to olympic weightlifting which is another passion of mine, I know that there is no such thing as perfecting it. There are ALWAYS minor things to change to improve and particularly in golf, every shot is a different shot due to the constantly varying conditions (fairway vs rough vs trap, wind/weather, and watch out if there is a water hazard to hit over!).

Today I had the opportunity to revisit a short par 3 course that I have not played in quite some time (and there are a lot of water hazards to shoot over!). Today was a day I didn't really keep score, I just went out to have fun with a friend who I haven't seen in quite some time. Ironically, sometimes the less we care, the better we play. That was true for several holes, and quite untrue for others today. I did lose a ball, but just for the record I didn't lose it in the water.

Today was for fun, but next week I plan on diving deeper into the mental approach to the game, and staying focused on goals.

I look forward to sharing with you!

If you are having trouble setting goals for yourself and need some help reach out to me at and lets talk!


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